Tips for Maintaining Weight after 40 – The Natural Way

The natural course of aging slows down the metabolism, which makes it harder to maintain your weight. In that situation, smart liposuction is not your option, rather permanent lifestyle changes are to be considered :
1. Calorie count
You have to consume fewer calories than you used to a few years ago. If your goal is to lose 1 pound each week, you must reduce your food intake by approximately 500 calories. The foods you are obtaining the calories from, are also very important. You have to select the food items that offer optimum nutritional value like veggies, fruits, egg and milk.

2. Exercise
Since you start losing muscle mass after turning 40, regular exercise is absolutely mandatory. Creating a calorie deficit is obviously not possible without exercise. 30 to 45 minutes walk or routine exercise 4 times a day should be sufficient, as long as it is consistent.

Maintaining Weight after 40

3. Breakfast habits
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so never make a habit of skipping it on usual basis. Breakfast provides you “fuel” for your daily activities. If you skip it, not only will you be lazy and cranky all day, you will tend to eat a lot more than usual after lunch.
4. Nocturnal eating
Since our metabolism slows down after 40, you don’t want to give your body another reason to put on more weight. When you eat in bed at night or just an hour or two before going to bed, your metabolism slows down to a bare minimum since it prepares for rest at night. Because of that, the calories you consume at those hours pile up without being burned.
5. Stick to natural sources
If you have started considering smart liposuction, think again. You don’t want liposuction post op problems like nausea, vomiting and dizziness. An unnatural procedure should be avoided at all costs, especially when you don’t have to worry about liposuction post op recovery.
6. Trick your body
Eat low calorie foods that trick your body into believing its full. There are many such low energy dense foods available in the market, most of which are made of natural ingredients.
7. Snacks
If you cannot quit in between snacks, make sure you consume only healthy snacks like apples, carrot, celery sticks, unsalted peanuts and walnuts.
8. Avoid condiments
Ketchup, mayonnaise and soy sauce are just a few examples of ingredients you don’t want in your body. They contain high amount of sugar and fat, and are not desirable even otherwise for heart conditions.
9. Thirst issues
When you’re thirsty, drink water; not soda! Not only is it better at quenching thirst, it is also better for your body in every sense.
10. Doing groceries
When doing groceries, restrict yourself to health foods section only. This is the easiest way to not have any fattening unhealthy foods at home.

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