It’s Never Too Hard To Burn Extra Calories !

weight loss simpleThere are a lot of disadvantages of being overweight; one of the major disadvantages is that it impacts your health. Drastic weight loss could be a solution, but it lasts only for a very short period of time. It is really simple to maintain and follow certain weight loss measures to lose weight efficiently. We can not only lose weight but also retain it.

The first simple tip is drinking plenty of water at least 8 to 10 glasses a day. Because drinking water helps you losing extra calories by passing urine. If you’re doing a sedentary job make a habit of walking around for at least five minutes after every hour. This will keep your body active and burn at least 2 to 3 extra calories.

Try to prepare your own meals or seek help from a family member. This will help you avoid more fatty and high calorie food. And also will save a lot of money for you.

Eat a bowl of cereal early morning besides having bread, fried egg and sausages. Cereals are high in fiber and they keep you not only active but you feel satisfied for longer. If you’re a working individual dry to avoid extra snacks during tea time like biscuits, sandwiches, pastries. And make a cup of tea or coffee using skimmed milk. Keeping this habit will save you from in taking any extra calories.

veggie weightlossTry to eat more vegetables which have high water content like cucumbers and tomatoes. Vegetables give a filthy feeling and also burn calories. Replace snacks by soups and salads. Besides taking juice eat fruits because the fiber present in fruits is wasted otherwise. Also eating whole fruits keep s one satisfied for longer as compared to fruit juices.

Always eat in small meals divided in five to six portions a day besides taking a big meal at a time. Consuming small meals throughout the day would keep you active and your metabolism moving. This also helps to keep your hunger at bay.

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