Healthy and Balanced Dietary Keeps Your Weight In Check

healthy balanced dietDieting or maintaining a well balanced diet is the best way to lose weight and also maintain good health, especially in your quest for catching up in high fashion society, with all gorgeous looking people surounding ! Yes, it’s a hard but true fact – your appearance and well being do count !

Here are some of the food types that you could include in your diet and keep yourself healthy. If you consume the same type of food daily you would get bored. So, try something new which is a good source for nutrients and something that you could enjoy as well.

It is not a healthy habit to diet continuously for a very long time. But, if you try to eat less and consume healthy food, you will not gain weight. It is common for everyone to eat something unhealthy but delicious, like junk food. Reduce the consumption of junk food to one time a month; it would help to keep you healthy.

Some types of food that you can include in your every day diet are listed below:
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Healthy breakfast:

The first thing you should try to do is make a healthy breakfast and set up a routine for making breakfast daily. You can drink milk with an apple, or eat a toast of bran bread with one boiled egg with milk, Keep milk a must part of your breakfast. You can also eat a bowl of your favorite cereal or corn flakes because a healthy breakfast is secret of living.

Day Snacks:

If you have a habit of eating after a few hours of your breakfast, keep it simple and make it healthy. Instead of eating chips or biscuit, try to eat a fruit or glass of fresh juice that will satisfy your crave without giving you fats. You can also eat pop corns but without any flavor hen you feel of snack craving.


Try to consume vegetables and fruit salads as a part of your lunch. If you are a non-vegetarian consume some pieces of fish, prawns or chicken and eat it with two slice of bran bread or a bowl of brown rice, you can get them easily from any super store. You can choose different vegetables and fruits daily for making your food delicious and you can cook them in variety of styles to satisfy your health cravings.

Tea Time:

Several people who are addicted to tea parties every day. In tea parties you would generally have a cup of full cream milk tea or coffee, pastries, cakes, biscuits, chocolates etc. But such things are really unhealthy. If you have a strong desire to enjoy your tea time, you could use skimmed milk for your tea and you can at high fiber digestive biscuits which will keep you safe from getting fatter and gaining fats and calories you usually get at your tea time.


Finally for your dinner, it is good to have some protein rich food at night. It will digest easily and will help to develop new cells at the end of day. You can eat chicken or sea food at night. You can even barbeque, grill, steam, and shallow fry or boil your meat to make it different and yummy.

If you try to keep your food simple and healthy, you will not only lose weight but will remain healthy and beautiful for long time.

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