The Right Hair Product For You

Hair loss can be preventedHair loss can be prevented by several ways; however the procedures are completely different for men and women in hair loss conditions. Choosing the right product depending on your hair type will prevent hair loss for many.

One of the important things which need to be kept in mind is that the hair needs to be kept clean; if your hair and the scalp are not clean it could lead to hair fall. There are a few products which help in keeping your hair clean and stop hair fall and they are :-


Choosing a good shampoo to cleanse your hair with would not only help remove the dirt from your hair but also the excess oil and also dead skin cells. A shampoo could be chosen according to the flavor which you like and also scented ones, if you prefer them. (Shampoos are of different varieties, for dry hair, oily hair, dandruff issues and so on)


After applying conditioner your hair needs to be rinsed, this helps in protecting your hair from heat and styling damage. (There are different choices in conditioners also, like moisturizing conditioners, thickening conditioners, leave in conditioners etc…).

There are hair products that contain certain ingredients, they need to be avoided they can also be named as ‘bad’ products for hair. They would lead to hair fall and other hair related issues. Some of them are mentioned below,

Isopropyl alcohol:

This could be found as a major ingredient in some of the hair products and body care products.

Propylene glycol:

This is one of the petro chemical products which is used in hair products and shampoos that spoils the hair.

As discussed, before opting for any hair care product make sure you choose the right one. It could worsen the condition of your hair, especially if you are already suffering from hair fall issue. Trying multiple shampoos or conditioners is not recommended as your hair type might not get adjusted with all the chemicals used in the products.

The best way to deal with hair fall is to be patient, completely relying on hair products is not recommended. Along with a hair care products you also need good nutrition, good sleep and a balanced diet. In spite of using hair care products, if you’ve still got hair issues always contact a specialist.

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