Teeth Whitening At Home

bright smileEveryone likes a bright white smile. Smiling is a way of expressing your fondness towards a person; it’s a sign of showing happiness. So it is important to have clean and healthy teeth to give that eye catching smile.

There are several teeth whitening products available in the market. Some of them are expensive and chances are the cheap ones might not be very effective. So here are some of the procedures which you can simply try at home to improve the color of your teeth.

lemon juice and salt

Strawberries could be used to whiten your teeth, brushing your teeth with strawberry paste makes your teeth bright and white. Strawberries could even be cut and gently rubbed on your teeth to whiten them.

Another common method is by preparing a paste using lemon juice and salt. Brushing with this paste may leave a bad taste in your mouth. But, applying this paste on the discolored part on your teeth will help remove the stains from them effectively. Salt also helps to reduce bad breath.

Although these are simple home remedies which work, try to minimize these procedures as much as possible. The reason being strawberries and especially lemon is said to be very acidic in nature. They can corrode the calcium from your teeth and cause it to decay.

Rubbing your teeth with the inner portion of an orange peel would help in teeth whitening too. You could even make a powder by grinding dried orange peels and bay leaves. Brushing your teeth with this powder will whiten your teeth efficiently.

Besides from cleaning the stains from your teeth, try to void them firstly.

  • Drinking beverages like tea or coffee could leave stains on your teeth. This is one of the most common reasons for teeth discoloring. One simple solution for this would be to rinse your mouth after you drink them.
  • Avoid drinking soft drinks too as they are said to damage the enamel on your tooth.
  • Smoking and consuming alcohol also leaves yellow stains on your teeth. Apart from staining your teeth it also causes bad breath. Giving up such habits is not so easy, as they are very addictive. However, you need to realize that quitting such addiction not only leaves you with healthy teeth and gums but also with a healthier body.

There are several other procedures to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Simple things like brushing your teeth twice a day and gargling after every meal can to wonders. Along with all the procedures you should visit the dentist regularly too; it is always good to take proficient help.

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