Should You Pay To Lose Weight ??

fitness boot campSo, you’re looking for different ways to lose weight for health reasons or just because you want to get into those clothes which you bought few months back.  Of late, facilities are popping up all over the place offering weight loss services.

There are organizations like Nutra-Systems and Jenny Craig and there are exercise boot camps. If we have spent money on something, like a gym membership, we are more inclined to go and use the facilities than if we set up a gym down in our basements.

weight loss programsSome of the cons of paid weight loss programs are that it could become costly over time, you are at the mercy of the facility for food delivery service charges, menu options, exercise time frames, availability of online support team and you may have meetings at a specific date, time and location, which may or may not be convenient or not enough to benefit you.

Some pros of doing it yourself are that exercise times are more flexible and meals can be prepared to your individual taste.  Cons of the improvement plan from home are that you may slack off a bit and “fall off the wagon” because you are not held accountable to anyone (like an instructor or weigh in group for your lack of weight loss.

Another con to home weight loss program is that you probably are not as informed about what type of food works best for weight loss or proper portioning of foods or which exercises work best for you.

weight loss exerciseOn the flip side, the next few thoughts are open to thought only and not necessarily pro or con.  If paying for weight loss, some exercise routines may be too easy or difficult for you and may not always be specifically designed for you, like a “one size fits all” approach.  With do-it-yourself home weight loss, you can tailor your workout to dancing if you like, walking tapes, etc.  This thought may actually work in reverse.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

For example, with the paying weight loss program, your food choices and exercise routines may in a way force you to change, whereas the home program will not force you to do anything, so you may find yourself a bit more complacent and not as gung-ho about it.

If you are still unsure about what way to go and if you have the money to invest for, say, one month, then do so and see what it is all about.  Then, if you feel comfortable with how this has worked out for you, try to take those ideas, food choices and exercise routines, and work them at home.  Or, you can try and mix the two together with a couple days on a pay program system and a few days on your own home program.

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