Hair Thinning In Women Solution

mental stressMental stress is one of the major reasons for the thinning of hair and also many cases of hair loss in women. There are several other reasons for hair loss and they could be because of imbalanced diet, inadequate sleep, hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, illness, chemicals in shampoos and other products which are used on hair.

For example Hair conditioner, Hair spray, Hair dye and also by cleansing your hair and the scalps with very hot water, combing hair too many times and wearing hats for a long period would also lead to hair fall.

thin-hairLosing too much of hair or undergoing the problem of your hair getting thinner could be really stressful, however getting over it in a proper way is something that should be kept in mind. It’s recommended that you take necessary steps, as soon as you see hair fall or some kind of difference with the hair condition, try analyzing the reason for the same. For instance, if you know that it’s a change in shampoo or conditioner causing the damage, try avoiding that shampoo. However, limited amount of hair fall in a day is normal.

Hair loss in women will usually not lead to balding, like it does in men. However the hair loss severity and treatment is completely different from men. Scientifically from living follicles, hair grows on the skin of scalp. And one of the common forms of hair fall in both the sexes is called Telogen Effluvium. It’s common for both Men and Women to have an episode of Telogen Effluvium at some point of time.

Hair thinning or hair fall occurs in majority of the women, who are aged above 65 years. When you notice severe hair fall, do not try to use cosmetics or shampoos which would lead to more damage. Medication to control hair fall or to strengthen the hair would not work on everyone. So, you might want to double check with a specialist before trying medications.

Finally let’s discuss about few of the things that should be kept in mind while dealing with hair fall issue. Try not to use very hot water to wash your hair, avoid multiple shampoos, conditioners, and combing hair too many times, medications, be calm and patient and do not react quickly as soon as you see minor hair fall and remember there is a last resort, which is going for a hair transplant.

Hair Thinning In Women Solution
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