Hair Growth – Food Guide

food low in fatHair fall in men and women could be because of heredity, stress, poor nutrition, imbalanced diet and even non suitable shampoos as well. A victim of hair fall undergoes a lot of stress, so be careful while taking the right steps to avoid hair fall. One of the most important steps is to consume the right type of food for hair growth.

Along with that, there are a few other things which you need to take care of, to avoid hair fall in the future. For example, avoid combing hair too many times, use the right type of shampoos and conditioners which is suitable for your hair and even avoid very hot water to wash hair.

Let’s discuss about some of the food habits which could help in hair growth. Having a healthy diet is an important part of everyone’s lives. At an early age, every parent as well as health insurance companies such as Aviva reminds us how a healthy diet helps promote a healthy lifestyle.Nowadays, people tend to forget that your diet does affect aspects of your body, like hair growth.

For women most of time the hair fall is caused due to gastrointestinal tract problem, so women should consume food low in fat content. This would help ease the gastrointestinal tract problem and in turn helps in the growth of hair.

In men hair fall occurs usually because of having a poor diet. It is scientifically proven that hair fall is directly associated with elevated testosterone level. And it increases due to the consumption of meat and other fat products, hence reducing the consumption of meat and food with a lot of fat content would help minimize hair fall caused by hormones.

Here are some of the foods which could be consumed to protect your hair,

high protein foods
• Studies say that consumption of proteins help in hair re-growth and some of the foods that are rich in proteins are liver, fish, eggs and most of other vegetables and fruits.

• Food rich in iron content also helps in hair growth. Some of them are grain cereals, liver, leafy vegetables and few other vegetables.

• Eggs, meat, poultry, spinach, carrots contains Vitamin A which promotes hair growth, however intake of excessive Vitamin A would also causes hair fall.

• Also consume foods with Vitamin E like avocados, nuts, olive oil, seeds of pumpkin and sea salt.

• Eat adequate carbohydrates.

• Vitamin K also helps you have healthy hair; foods such as cabbage, soya bean, liver and oatmeal are rich in Vitamin K.

There is several other food products which you need to reduce or even avoid consuming. Dairy products, oily food, cold drinks, meat, excessive raw foods, tomatoes, tofu, millet, fat consisting foods and drinks are some of the food items which you need to reduce consuming.

Consumption of fruits and vegetables helps in maintaining a balanced diet and reduces hair fall too. Foods that are mentioned above are not just for hair growth, it also keeps you stay fit and also avoid several diseases.

Hair Growth – Food Guide
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