Eat Right and Stay Fit

WaistlineHow many women are NOT interested in losing that muffin top?  Not many.  Truth is most women want to lose the muffin top, the saddle bags, and those unsightly bulges.  This, task, however is far easier said than done. Sure, a woman in her twenties or extremely overweight woman will lose weight a lot easier than a woman post-childbearing years in her thirties.

There are diet pills, diet drinks, diet patches; the list goes on and on. But these are usually short lived, especially fast fixes; you would regain weight at the same pace you lost it, if you are not careful.  It is always best to lose weight the natural way, with proper diet and exercise.

healthy diet weight lossThis aspect of natural weight loss does come with the need for perseverance, determination, elbow grease and a can-do attitude.  You won’t lose weight sitting on the couch watching the ball game! We’ve all heard it, healthy eating.  But what is healthy eating?  Think fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables as raw as you can eat them, lean meats, fish.

Truly, there is no longer an excuse for not embracing healthier eating and exercising.  The library has a multitude of diet books and recipe books.  If you’d rather have your book, there are bookstores galore.  Turn on television and there’s a food channel right there waiting to be viewed.  The internet is also a good source for finding help; Amazon, E-bay, e-books, Google™, and Bing™ are some of the sites which could be useful.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Exercise along with your foodstuff is also a vital part.  If you cannot, or will not, devote an hour’s chunk of time for exercise, try breaking it up into 10-15 minute spurts throughout the day accomplishes the same goal. In fact, a lot of research has even suggested that these little spurts actually keep your metabolism working because it doesn’t know when it should relax.

If you are going shopping (probably to reward yourself for your successful drop in a pound or two) then park the car farther away than you normally do. Increase this distance each time you go shopping.  Walk instead of drive if possible.  Take the stairs at work or anytime you can. So many options, but you always have excuses.

It won’t be easy, but the payoff at the end will be all the reward you need.  Now excuse me while I stop writing this article and get my tennis shoes on, it’s time for a walk!

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