Brushing Your Teeth The Correct Way

teethIt may sound silly if someone tells you how to brush your teeth correctly. After all it is something that you have been doing for many years now. It’s the first thing everybody does when they wake up in the morning and also some people do it before going to the bed.

So, do you really know if you are brushing your teeth the correct way and preventing tooth decay or gum infection? If not here are some of the important things that can help you a lot. It will help to make sure if the way you brush, helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

To start off with, you must brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes and twice a day to prevent oral conditions such as gingivitis and tooth decay. It would be good if you can brush after every meal as well.

What Type of brush should you use?

There are 2 types of toothbrush, even though they come in many shapes and sizes a small headed brush is usually preferred. Soft bristle toothbrush is best used for removing the debris stuck in-between the teeth. Hard bristled brush is an alternative type of brush which does a better job of cleaning teeth for people who find difficult brushing using a soft one. Replace your brush every 3 months to ensure its functionality.

What type of tooth paste is preferable?

tooth pasteIt is always good to enquire your dentist before choosing the correct toothpaste. You will also to be told about what toothpaste can help you improve your teeth condition better.

So How to brush correctly?

It is very essential for the brush to reach front and back portion of all your teeth, the two sides and the chewing surface as well. Apply a small amount of paste on the brush and always start from the back teeth to the front in a clockwise direction. Brush them gently for about 20 to 25 strokes.

Angle the toothbrush at 45 degrees to your gum and clean the neck softly, don’t go hard on the gums as it may cause abrasions. Sweep on the both sides of the teeth and then go gently in a clockwise direction. For the inside surface take the tip of the brush and direct it away from the gum line down in a flickering motion.

With a gentle sweeping motion and short strokes brush the chewing surfaces on both sides. Also for a fresher breath brush the tongue very gently to remove the bacteria that can cause bad breath, floss with mouthwash solution (if available) only after you brush.

These are the few suggestions that can help you ensure that your tooth stays healthier and stronger for a longer period of time in your life.


It is recommended to visit a dentist at least twice a year for a regular checkup. A smile can bring in good luck charm. So, keep smiling with those healthy teeth that you got.

Brushing Your Teeth The Correct Way
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