Hair Loss in Men and Women

hair loss in women Hair loss commonly occurs in men and women due to the genetic condition inherited from their parents. It is usually said that such conditions are carried by the maternal side, but one cannot be sure as to how far it is true. Hair loss in men or women could be quite embarrassing and in some cases, it can disrupt the way of living.

Male pattern baldness is where the hair stops growing and thins out and over a period of time goes bald. This can occur due to imbalance of hormones. Women pattern baldness also a result of genetic condition but it is more diffuse and lesser chance of a frontal hairline being lost.

Men and women can also lose their hair because of certain diseases such as thyroid disease and diabetes. Hair loss is usually a result of an abnormal condition underlying in a human body, finding the cause and treatment can slow down hair loss.

Most of the women lose their hair during post pregnancy and this can be due to the change in the hormones and usually it stops when the condition returns to normal. Surgery, severe emotional trauma, certain diets and sudden weight loss can also affect women losing their hair early.

hormones and hair lossMedicines are also a major reason for men and women for losing hair. Medicines without proper prescription like the antidepressants and Coumadin cause hair loss. Certain prescribed drugs for cancer and other diseases also have known for hair loss. Birth control pills, beauty pills and hair treatment cause hair loss in women. Try avoiding these and your hair condition may improve.

There are different conditions of hair loss in men and women. Conditions like Alopecia Areata which starts as single patch of baldness that usually grow back without any treatment. Traction Alopecia occurs when hair is pulled hard and there is pressure on the hair roots like tight braids or ponytails. Trichotillomania is a habit of pulling or twisting hair without realizing, often it can be stopped with good counseling.

Infection is also a cause in hair loss. Tinea capitis is one of fungal infection of the scalp results in breakage of hair and spots of baldness. Usually these occur on people very young and it can be treated with anti fungal medicines and hair grows back normally.

Even age can result in hair loss both in men and women. As a person ages some hair randomly shrink in size, stops growing and gradually decrease. There are no treatments for this process of hair loss but you can use wigs, hair weaving, hair transplant or makeover of a new hairstyle.

Hair Loss in Men and Women
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