Skin Care

Everyone’s skin condition is not the same; some of the people have very sensitive skin. For example, allergic reactions or irritation and itching could be triggered just by getting in contact with certain materials or even using certain products could cause an allergy. If you have sensitive skin always choose a product that states that it can be used on sensitive skin. And be aware of any material that could cause irritation. We are all different; there are degrees in skin sensitivity that varies from person to person so get to know your skin intimately.

Certain chemicals in detergents and solvents will affect all skin types; however, the affect on those with “normal” skin is negligible in comparison. Individuals with sensitive skin, however, can have severe reactions when these chemicals, for example, come in to contact with the skin due to a lower tolerance threshold. Products that are labeled for use on sensitive skin generally avoid the use of potential irritants. Those products would not affect normal skin.

Skin Care

How can I look after my sensitive skin? :

  • First and foremost always be gentle with your skin and while you are purchasing a product always read the label and make sure it says ‘for use on sensitive skin’.
  • Do not use alcohol based products during your skin care routine, as they can irritate sensitive skin.
  • If you plan to use chemicals or detergents, for example, when doing the laundry, always wear rubber gloves if you can. And if you have an allergy to rubber you could use cotton gloves.
  • Going out in the sun could harm your skin too. So if you have sensitive skin, the effect of sun could be more damaging than those with normal skin. If you plan to go outside always apply sunscreen or better still a complete sun block and make sure these lotions specify for use on sensitive skin.
  • Dust and dust mites could be a major cause of irritation to those of us with sensitive skin, so do as much as you can to keep your home and environment dust free.
  • Have a strict sensitive skin care cleansing routine using soap and alcohol free cleansers. Always remember, at the very least to wash your hands and face when coming in from outside.
  • Do not be too rough on your skin when exfoliating or cleansing, this can cause irritation and itching.

Remove make up as soon as possible with a cleanser designed for sensitive skin.

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