Orthopedic Tips To Reduce Back Pain

Orthopedics are designed to correct deficiencies or deformities of the spine and associated muscles and ligaments. Millions of people suffer from chronic back pain. Poor posture, muscle weakness and poor sleeping practices are major contributors to the problem. Therapy along with the correct orthopedic supplies and tools can correct many back pain issues.

Orthopedic tools such as rubber heel lifts, ankle support products, and maternity supports, along with knee and thigh supports are available. These tools are designed to support a weak skeletal system and help reduce pain and the reoccurrence of injury. If you suffer from back pain try the active belt for sacroiliac pain. This orthopedic belt introduces pressure to the sacroiliac and stabilizes the pelvic region. The belt is comfortable so the patient is likely to wear it longer which translates into faster recovery.

A respected Northwestern Medicine spine surgeon, Wellington Hsu, MD offers some simple advice and lifestyle adjustments anyone can easily implement to reduce back pain. The doctor wants us to realize that back pain is not a disease, but rather a symptom. While poor posture can cause back pain, having perfect posture can present problems as well. When the spine is strained from being too straight problems and pain are often the result.

Proper posture is obtained when the body is aligned and in a relaxed state. To promote good posture you should sit with both feet planted firmly on the floor and both knees should be at 90 degree angles. Good posture reduces back pain, instills confidence, and even improves breathing. If there is an underlying problem to your poor posture see your medical provider for advice.

Many people mistakenly believe that bed rest is a cure for whatever ails us. Certainly sleeping and resting in bed does rejuvenate the body. However, too much bed rest or sleep can actually cause or exacerbate back pain. If you injure your back try 48 hours of rest. If the problem persists, call your doctor. Too much bed rest will weaken back muscles and only make your back pain worse.
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There are other simple precautions that we can take while performing our regular, daily activities. For instance, be mindful of what you lift and how you carry things. Something as simple as carrying an item or items that exceed ten percent of your body weight can cause serious back issues. And if you must carry multiple items (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), either learn to juggle, or wear a backpack that distributes the weight properly. If you must use a bag that offers only one strap, such as a purse or computer attaché, the strap should cross your body to alleviate potential back problems.

But what if the damage has already been done? Certainly these tips and precautions can help lessen the pain, but what if you already suffer from chronic back pain? There are plenty of treatment options available to you, ranging from physical therapy and massage therapy to acupuncture or even surgery. Your primary care physician should be alerted as soon as possible in the case of persistent back pain so the right course of treatment may be followed.

Orthopedic Tips To Reduce Back Pain
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