5 Ways To Prevent Baldness

Prevent BaldnessPeople look for several ways to cure or treat hair loss, but they don’t seek a professionals help in the first place. People are negligent about their health these and because of that minor problems evolve into major problems.

People do not act immediately to cure such illnesses in the initial stages. By taking immediate measures we could easily eliminate a lot of problems, instead of regretting it in the future. In certain cases hair loss is hereditary (gene factor). Here are some of the methods through which we can prevent hair loss.

  • Get Enough Sleep:

This is the most important of all. Our hair grows thicker and stronger while we sleep. It’s true, yet most do not get proper sleep, like they should. We must get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. And that is the best way to keep our hair healthy. If we do not get sufficient sleep, it leads to stress, which leads to hair fall. For people who find it difficult to sleep, try meditating before going to bed. This clears your mind and helps you get good sleep.

  • Shower Daily:

Shower DailyHair loss occurs in people mostly because of the excess amount of sebum in their scalp. Sebum is nothing but the oil secreted by the glands in our skin. It causes your hair shafts to get filled with dirt, and eventually causes hair fall. A good way to overcome this is by taking a shower daily. And use a conditioner along with the shampoo to make sure your scalp is as clean.

  • Eat More Proteins:

Eat More ProteinsOur hair is made up of a type of protein called as Keratin. In order to fully nourish it, we must eat foods that are relatively high in proteins. Consume foods such as

  • Lean meats
  • Peanuts and Almonds
  • Eggs
  • Legumes
  • Oatmeal
  • Whole Grain Bread
  • Cottage Cheese

All of these food items have good amounts of protein in them, helping to prevent hair loss in the future. It’s recommended to consume Cod Liver Oil supplement as well; the essential fatty acids in this supplement is vital for growing and strengthening of hair.

  • Massage Your Scalp:

An easy and effective way to promote hair growth is by giving our scalp a massage for at least five minutes a day and you could see the difference in a fortnight! It may not sound to be effective, but it is.

  • Don’t Use Styling Products:

Hair gel may give you the best hair style, but it can cause serious hair loss. Instead of using popular hair gels, consider using some natural hair care products such as Aloe Vera Gel. Not only does it give you a great hair style, but it also has certain properties that help prevent hair fall.

5 Ways To Prevent Baldness
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