How to Choose the Right Massage Type

According to Web MD, about one quarter of all American adults received at least one massage last year. There are over 80 different types of massage, and all involve applying pressure movements, rubbing, and manipulating muscle tissues. Massage therapists use their fingers, hands, forearms, elbows, and some even use their feet to perform their craft. Baby boomers especially are seeing the health value of massage, and use it to recover from injuries, relieve stress, and to promote a feeling of well-being.

Massage therapy styles range from long even strokes, to short purposeful ones. Oils, creams, and lotions are typically used to provide the right amount of glide or friction, depending on the massage type chosen. To choose the correct massage it is important to know why you want a massage. Is it simply to relax, relieve anxiety, lessen sore muscle pain, or to treat an injury? Once the therapist has this information she can offer suggestions, and then get to work.

By far the most common type of massage is the Swedish massage. This style uses long kneading strokes with light tapping on tight muscles. The massage also moves the joints and relieves muscle tightness leaving the patient feeling both relaxed and refreshed.  This type of massage may also be used to treat injuries. says there are specific massage types that are well suited for runners. The previously mentioned Swedish massage is indeed popular among runners. Another popular type of massage runners partake in is the deep tissue massage. This massage type targets deep muscle tissues through intense, deliberate, and focused work by the therapist.

Another popular type of massage runners enjoy is called the trigger point massage, and it used to target and work muscle knots. Runners also find the Active Release Technique is beneficial in working deep scar tissue. Deep pressure is applied to scar tissue areas and is helpful in breaking up and reducing scar tissue buildup.

Web MD says that chair massages are increasingly becoming more popular. People are very busy these days, and many people have bought their own massage chair to use at home. This is perfect for the busy executive who works late, and just wants to sit at home and unwind. Simply set the chair to the type of massage you want, sit in the chair and stress and tension is magically relieved. While chair massages are not quite as good as the real thing, the technology has improved to the point where it is pretty darn close.

Spa owners and managers need to offer a variety of massage types to help satisfy all of their clients’ needs. Equally important, is the quality of the equipment and supplies used, because it is a reflection of your business.

How to Choose the Right Massage Type
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