Dry and Oily Skin

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-65" title="Oily skin" src="http://mybodytips check over here.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Oily-skin.jpg” alt=”Oily skin” width=”250″ height=”231″ />Oily skin is not a body defect and there is no need to worry about it. Teenagers are mostly affected by it due to hormonal increase. This can cause pimples and other skin related problems but it is just another phase in life. People with dry skin are prone to get acne as well.

There is no reason for you to worry since the oils secreted in the skin glands are for your good. It helps flush out the toxins and prevent your skin from aging.

Many people are worried about their appearance and feel oily skin is a letdown. As a matter of fact dermatologists have established that it is one of the most common queries that people have when they visit a skin care clinic. Dry skin and oily skin are of a big concern with teenagers and young adults because that is the part of the life when one tries to look good for ‘obvious’ reasons.

skin moisturizersA visit to a dermatologist can help you get useful advice on how to control your skin appearance. If you just want a quicker solution you can try applying moisturizers if you have dried and chapped skin. If you have oily skin all you have to do is wash your face regularly and dry it with a clean towel. Regular use of soft and wet tissues can help you remove the excess oil and maintain soft dry skin.

Oils produced in the skin are useful for protecting your skin from harmful sun rays. Moreover it is a known fact that the people with oily skin are known to be less affected by early aging, wrinkles, discoloration. If your skin immediately reacts to certain food products then you should try avoiding consumption of it and also restrain yourself from using it in the future.

There are many home products which are known to reduce the oily pores in your skin but you have to be careful before trying any. Without proper guidance and knowledge you can damage your skin forever. Hygiene is one of the biggest factors that you need to be aware of while dealing with skin related problems.

Dry and Oily Skin
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