Acne – Causes and Cure

Acne VulgarisAcne Vulgaris is a skin disease which is generally called as boils, pimples and zits. It starts as a white head or black head and then turns into a boil and breaks by itself. Acne occurs in people of any age group; however, its teenagers and pregnant women who are the major victims of it.

Acne could develop on any part of the body except for our palms and soles. One of the causes for acne is due to the increase in our hormone levels; this causes the sebaceous glands in the skin to produce oil at a faster rate which results in the formation of acne. Acne could also be formed, due to body overheat.

There are several ways by which you can protect yourself from acne. One of the most simple but important step that you could try is by drinking lots of water. It flushes out the impurities from your body and also keeps your skin clean and healthy.

Cleanse your faceCleanse your face couple of times a day and also every time you return home from work, college, school or any place out door. Take a shower whenever you sweat, for instance taking a bath after working out is good. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, this could prevent acne and it can also minimize its chances of occurring.

People often try to squeeze or pop the boils; this is not recommended because it could leave a scar on the skin. And it could also cause the bacteria in the acne to spread. Avoid using multiple cosmetics and try to use natural or herbal cosmetics. Applying several cosmetics would lead to severe skin issues.

One of the things you could try to get rid of acne is by, dipping cotton in hot water and then pressing it softly on the boil and around it. Once it’s warm, a white head forms and the acne would burst out by itself. Consulting a dermatologist is highly recommended, if you see no changes in spite of some home remedies.

Acne – Causes and Cure
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